What are Life Insurance Ratings and How are They Used?

In order to determine the price you will pay for your life insurance, agents use what are know as life insurance ratings. There are two types of life insurance rating. One is flat rating and the other is called table rating. Underwriters use an industry standard underwriting manual to determine how to rate certain health conditions.

A flat rating, for example, might be used for a short period of time for somebody who has just undergone a medical procedure like surgery. On the other hand, somebody with a more chronic condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes might receive a table rating. Table life insurance rating is based on a percentage of the premium.

The life insurance rating you receive, as stated above, is determined according to industry standards. If you disagree with your life insurance rating, let your agent know. He or she might be able to have it changed. Yet you could have to have additional medical exams or questions to prove that you are eligible for a medical rating.

When you shop for a term insurance rate, quotes could vary from company to company. That's why at Spectrum Direct, we make things easy for our customers. We will do all of the legwork for you, gathering information from various life insurance companies to ensure you receive the best term life insurance rating and the lowest premiums according to your rating.

Your term insurance rate could vary according to your age, gender, and how much coverage you need, among other variables. Your term insurance rate can also be affected by your occupation, although term insurance is still the least expensive form of life insurance. We can also gather multiple quotes for you, to see what different amounts of coverage would cost. We have a very high term life insurance rating within the industry, so rely on our superior reputation for quality products and outstanding service. Visit our site today for a free instant quote.

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