High Risk Life Insurance: Why Monthly Premiums Will Be Much Higher for Less

Healthy Individuals

High risk life insurance is a specialty of some life insurance companies. High risk term life insurance is specialty within that category, and is a specific type of life insurance that is reserved for individuals who are ill and therefore cause the insurance company to take on a greater risk of payout than it would have with healthier individuals. Having said that, there are still insurance policies for everyone, the only catch is that the monthly premium payments will be much higher for less healthy individuals.

When you apply for life insurance, you will be asked questions about your health and most likely will have to take a medical exam. Usually, guaranteed life insurance policies for the elderly are the exception, but with these, you will pay a high premium rate for your high risk life insurance. In the event that you are seriously or terminally ill, you might be turned down for the insurance, unless it's guaranteed life insurance for high risk individuals.

You might not be asked to have a medical exam if you are under 40 or are buying a low amount of insurance. The exam could include a physical, blood work, urine sample, X-rays and EKG or any combination of these. The older you are, the less insurance you can purchase without a medical exam.

At Spectrum Direct, we represent the most reputable insurance companies in the U.S. and offer high risk life insurance for those who need it. You can easily find life insurance for high risk individuals through us, and we provide free instant quotes online. There is no obligation to purchase insurance if you get a rate quote.

You might be wondering what makes somebody need high risk term life insurance. Insurers look to see if you have any type of condition that could affect your mortality, and therefore their risk. They might check your blood samples for the presence of antibodies to the HIV virus, cholesterol, liver or kidney disorders, diabetes, and immune disorders. The urine could be screened for certain medications and illegal drugs such as cocaine.

Smokers also might require high risk term life insurance, since their mortality rates are higher than those of nonsmokers. Overweight people are at greater risk for coronary disease. The best defense against needing high risk term life insurance is to take care of yourself, eat well, exercise, and don't abuse nicotine, alcohol, or drugs. Contact Spectrum Direct today for your free rate quote on any type of life insurance, whether it's low or high risk life insurance.

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