How Does Affordable Term Life Insurance Work?

Life insurance guarantees payment of benefits upon the death of the insured person. If your death or your spouse's death would cause negative financial consequences for your family, you probably need life insurance. Affordable term life insurance is an option that provides pure coverage. It differs from whole life insurance in that with term insurance, there is no cash value or benefits unless you die. Usually, it is used for a temporary need or for young families who need a large amount of protection for a low price.

Affordable term life insurance for a term of 15 or 20 years can pay your family's bills if you die. For example, upon your death, your family could use the money toward your funeral, the mortgage on your house, or for medical bills. If you would rather opt for something permanent, most affordable term life insurance policies can be converted to a permanent life insurance plan.

How Does it Work?

Term life insurance works in a similar way to auto or homeowners insurance. You pay your premiums and if you have a valid claim (e.g., if you pass away), the affordable term insurance company pays. If there is no claim, you have paid the premiums for the duration of the policy (the "term") and in exchange, received protection in case of your untimely death.

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Martin กล่าวว่า...

I too have a whole life insurance scheme that I purchased few years back. I was not at all aware of this policy else I would have opted this one. Can I now convert my existing policy to this plan ? I am very much convinced with this policy and wanted this one. Please provide some guidance in this area.
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