Group Life Insurance

Does your company offer group life insurance? If not, you might be ignoring one of the most cost effective ways to make your benefits package more attractive to potential and current employees.

Is Group Life Insurance Important

Today’s employees expect more than a salary from their employees. In a recent survey by Wall Street Journal, participants were asked if they would rather: have no pay increase but retain current benefits, or get a raise and see benefits decrease. Fifty six percent of respondents said they would rather keep their benefits. This illustrates how important it is for employers to offer a competitive benefits package, aside from a decent salary.

Among the many benefits an employee can offer, group life insurance serves as an excellent way to attract new employees. It also increases the morale of current employees and creates loyalty within the company.

Who Will Group Life Insurance Cover

Group life insurance policies can apply to any existing or new employees and associates. And most policies can offer extra benefits that employees can opt for at a discounted rate if they want to pay for the added expense. This makes it easy for employers to offer more than one plan, but still only pay a minimum for premiums.

How Does Group Life Insurance Costs Compare to Individual Life Insurance

Group life insurance is often cheaper than individual life insurance for several reasons. First of all, it’s a form of collective bargaining…it’s buying in bulk. So you’re getting bulk rates, and everything is cheaper in bulk. It involves less paper work for the agents and less time selling to each individual. These are the incentives for insurance companies to give lower rates on group life policies.

Employers especially benefit from group life insurance in a unique way. There’s no mandatory medical exams in order to be qualified. For some, this is the difference between being able to obtain insurance and not being able to. Chronic diseases make getting life insurance difficult. The fact that they can obtain life insurance through your company could be enough of a reason to persuade hard working employees to stay in their positions.

What other Benefits does Group Life Insurance Offer

  • Since group life insurance is part of the wages you pay, it’s tax deductible. If you’re going to use a tax write-off, it may as well do something for you. Adding benefits to employee packages increases morale and, consequently, work productivity.

  • Many plans offer a Waive of Premium benefit. If an employee is totally disabled, he or she can continue group life insurance coverage without paying the premiums. This (again) is a tangible sign of appreciation for your employees.

  • You can customize group life insurance policies to fit your company needs. Many plans offer customization to fit specific employees (per salary, years with the company, etc.)

Your company’s benefits package is the ‘main attraction’ to the work force. Adding to it will attract a better working class, and help you retain your hardest workers. Take steps now to add group life insurance to your benefits package.

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