Instant Whole Life Insurance Quotes

An instant whole life insurance quote can be obtained using the advanced telecommunications technology of the Internet and an insuring company website. Instant whole life insurance quotes are given through an agency by evaluating a simple questionnaire which asks pertinent investment and insuring related questions to the requestor. This information is then evaluated by an agent. Then, a variety of options that best suit the requestor's needs are produced and sent directly via email or through the use of a fax machine.

Many times the information provided can only be guaranteed as estimates that cannot be confirmed until an agent can contact and verify the information provided on the original questionnaire. In order for an instant whole life insurance quote to be produced by any agent, the agent must be first licensed by their state to not only sell policies, but also to sell investment related insuring policies. Instant whole life insurance quotes are a combination of life insurance and investment policies. Receiving a quote is the first step to the actual purchase of a policy.

The agent must either be licensed by the NASD or SEC. The NASD is the National Association of Securities Dealers; the SEC is the Securities and Exchange Commission. Both require federal level exams in addition to the state exams given for the legal ability to sell policies to insure. Once the instant whole life insurance quote agent is licensed, they may solicit new clients. Some agents are independent, meaning they can provide quotes from multiple agencies. Other agents will be employed by one specific agency, and will often then deal in many types of policies, such as car or home. Choosing which agency offering the best policy to suit an individual's needs is the job of the agent.

Christians interested in entering the challenging and complex field of instant whole life insurance quotes are encouraged to behave with integrity and honesty, representing Christ in their chosen profession. To provide an accurate instant whole life insurance quote, the agent will need to evaluate a plethora of information given from the applicant. This takes attention to detail and organizational skills. No matter what profession is chosen by a Christian, they are expected to perform their work duties as if working for God alone and not man. "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." (2 Timothy 2:15)

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