Life Insurance and Smokers

Many people think that just because they smoke that they cannot afford to buy a life insurance policy. Furthermore, a lot of people are paying high life insurance premiums at this time because they do not know that they have other options available to them.

No matter if you smoke two packs a day, or only light up once a week, the majority of life insurance companies are going to charge you a smokers rate; this is simply the way that the industry operates. The fact of the matter is that most smokers have to pay at least double as much for life insurance as non-smokers. Over time these premium costs can begin to build up to say the least. So if you use tobacco it is essential that you find a life insurance company that offers the lowest rates in the industry.

To find the company that offers the best rate for smokers shopping around is essential. When you have knowledge as to what companies are available you will have a much better chance of finding one that will offer you competitive rates.

For the most part, if you want to qualify for a non smoker rate you will have to test negative for nicotine. If you do not you will more than likely end up paying a smokers rate. Of course every life insurance company has their own standards, but this is usually the way that things work out. Even if you quit smoking, most companies require that you are tobacco free for at least one year before you can qualify for a lower premium.

To find out more about how tobacco products affect your life insurance get in touch with several qualified companies and/or agents.


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